Welcome to Compass Energy Solutions, Inc., a veteran-owned company, specializing in products that deliver portable renewable energy solutions and clean drinking water anywhere in the world through the use of Water Makers, Solar Generators, and Hybrid Solar & Wind Generators.

Compass Energy Solutions, Inc. is primarily focused on addressing the challenges of securing and maintaining a viable source of portable electric power to operate communications equipment, portable video surveillance systems, computers, lighting, small appliances and other electronic peripheral equipment in either mobile, tactical, or remote environments.
Our products are ideally suited for off-grid applications or to address the power requirements of Emergency response, Search and Rescue, Military, and humanitarian relief operations.

We are an energy solutions company; our portable solar generators, hybrid solar & wind generators, and power packs are solutions that directly address the difficulties of harvesting and securing a viable supply of portable, clean, reliable and efficient power as a way to meet our growing energy requirements. These solutions directly contribute to a reduction in the use of fossil fuel generators, a decrease in the consumption of batteries, and thus reduce the overall logistics burden imposed on operations of short or prolonged duration.

Compass Energy Solutions is committed to promoting energy independence and we are proud to offer a suite of high-quality, innovative products like our new Solar Generators, Hybrid Solar & Wind Generators, and flexible solar panels. The portable Solar and Wind Generators and Battery Packs combine to create an independent power station without the noise, fumes, maintenance, and fuel requirements of a fossil fuel generator.

To address the needs for safe and secure sources of drinking water, after a disaster or while on deployments, we are excited to offer our portable, solar powered Water Makers, which will desalinate, filter, and purify contaminated water to produce fresh potable water anywhere in the world.

Our world needs reliable supplies of clean water and green dependable power. Compass Energy Solutions was founded to help meet the growing demands for portable, renewable energy and safe drinking water. At the center of our commitment is a pledge to provide our customers with innovative and superior products. Our management and staff are comprised of experienced, committed, and passionate business professionals.

We invite you to share our excitement.

Thank you,

Your Compass Energy Solutions Team

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